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The registration process has now been integrated into the E-learning Portal. Knowing what you need up front can save you time, effort and money. This page will  provide you with all the necessary information to successfully complete your Online Registration .
Remember, successful registration is your next step towards the ultimate success which is graduation.

The online registration steps are as follows:

1. Fees Payment

First the student will have to pay at least 75% of his/her fees for the semester automatically it will reflect in the University System. Payment codes for the different fees can be found on www.msu.ac.zw/payments

2. Log to E-learning

Currently the Online Registration is only available to returning students. Online Registration is accessed via student s E-learning accounts at www.msu.ac.zw/elearning
The student will need to have his/her Student Registration Number and the E-learning password in order to be able to log on to his/her E learning Account.

3. Register

Once logged the student will be able to view the modules which he/she is taking that current semester and then registers them.Its just a click and you are registered.

4. Accommodation

After the student has registered, if University Accommodation is still available a window will appear where the student will be given a choice whether he/she wants University Accommodation or not. If the student s answer is yes he/she will then automatically be allocated a room, which he/she will have to go back to the bank for payment within two days else it will be forfeited.

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