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All payments to the University can now be done through the following banks: CBZ , FBC and ZB bank .A student must indicate or specify the type of payment he or she wants to make on the customised deposit slip by choosing the correct payment code.All Payment Codes are shown below.

  CODES Description
fee 100 Tuition Fees - (For all students who want to pay their fees ).
application 101 Application Fees - (For all prospective students who wish to apply for admission at MSU)
graduationfee 102 Payment For Graduation Fees - (For all graduands who want to pay their graduation fees )
home 103 Residence Fees - ( For all students who have been allocated accomodation on campus for that particular semester)
id 104 Payment For Lost Student ID
library 105 Library Fine - (For those with library penalties)
medical 106 Medical Aid


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